Friday, April 30, 2010

My first Blog

So here goes nothing. . . my very first blog post. I have seen numerous people be successful in their blogs and thought I would give it a try. If you like what you see please feel free to subscribe.

So to fill you in on my plan for my blog. I hope to cover a variety of areas of arts & crafts, not just my paper crafts with my cricut machines (which I absolutely love!). But I will also try and include my party planning crafts, my gift baskets, and of course my diaper cakes. I remember the first time I heard about a diaper cake, it was all the rage from a Sex & the City episode. I researched online for directions on how to make one and I made 3, not so perfect but still sweet, cakes and gave them out as gifts. It wasn't until later when I added more embelishments: ribbons, cardboard cake boards with colored tissue paper (so as to look like a real cake), and my baby theme items (i.e., winnie the pooh, sesame street, got milk?) and tied it with a celophane and a handmade tag.

Over the years, I have researched how to be cost efficient in purchasing my items in large quantities and storing them for when I needed them. I have sold over a dozen cakes and I am fortunate enough that I have made a significant profit. I'll post pictures soon.

Thanks for dropping by!

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